How Rude!

Patrick and I have been blessed with a very verbal child. (I’m not sure where he gets it… I mean, Patrick and I are both so quiet… ha-ha).

But here’s the catch: Jasper literally never stops talking when he is awake. From 6-8, the kid keeps going, like the Energizer Bunny.  Sometimes, I have to remind him to take a breath, or ask him to count to 10 to get a moment off from responding to his inquiries about why the trucks are yellow.

Not unlike a small-town mayor, Jasper truly enjoys greeting everyone in public who makes eye contact with us.

To the neighborhood couple out pruning their gardens, “HELLO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” He’ll shout across the road.

And let’s not forget the soup incident at Stop & Shop. (Or should we?)

This week, Patrick was on grocery duty.

He took to the aisles, list in hand, doing his best to maintain a non-stop conversation with our son while selecting the right type of organic apples. This was no task for an amateur; Patrick was using all of his will power to conquer our nemisis.

Then, they reached the meat aisle. A woman was debating which chops were the best, and moved over to make room for my boys.

“HI!” Jasper shouted at a woman.


“HI!!!” he tried again.


“HELLO! It is rude not to talk to people when they talk to you!!” Jasper scowled at the woman, who had been doing her best to ignore him.

Well… I mean, he’s not wrong… But he’s not even three years-old, yet. What did we get ourselves into?


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