Christmas in Westborough… Forever?

I grew up in town, and we spent Christmas morning at our house, and would then trek to a relative or two’s house for more fun and a Christmas dinner in the afternoon.

Like all young families, Patrick and I had some really tough decisions about where we would spend our holidays.

Patrick’s family has a much celebrated tradition of hunting together on Thanksgiving, and my family has a treasured celebration in New Hampshire, so dividing those holidays was really easy.

Christmas was a bit trickier.

So… we decided that we should do our best to spend as many Christmases in Westborough, on the cul-de-sac, as possible.

I don’t want my kid to think of Christmas as a day to schlep for 6 hours in the car, or to try to do 4 different dinners with 4 different sets of family members. I feel really selfish, but I’m also really excited.

We have invited any and all family members who would like to join us for breakfast and presents to come over, and we plan to spend as much time as possible enjoying what truly matters; each other.

My plan is to stay in my pajamas as long as possible, and to share as many snuggles with my boys as I can pack into one day. The presents will be really fun- Jasper finally decided that he wanted a train set- (phew! it’s already in the closet!!)- and I have an adorable surprise for Patrick . But, honestly, I just want to “be” with my family. They’re what really matter the most.

I’ll probably burn some pancakes. I can’t wait.


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