Thanks for Changing Our Minds. Seriously.

I stood in the entrance of Stop & Shop, my nemesis, determined to play nice.

Scanning the faces of everyone who entered, I was hopeful that this would be the moment when everything would change.

Matt came through the doors, excited and full of energy. He walked me around the store and took an hour to help me find ways to win more battles in my war on Stop & Shop.

“That’s it right there! What you just did is the most powerful thing that anyone can do!” he exclaimed as I replaced the apples I had first grabbed with the organic, pricey ones we had been discussing.

For the first time, I felt like I was winning the war.

That day,  Matt began empowering my family in making healthier choices. We joined his gym. Throughout  the next year, he coached us on our eating practices; he spent hours talking to us about life, work, and health.

More than once, Matt coached me off of the ledge.

“Kate. You’re pregnant. You need to cut yourself some slack- everyday is an uphill battle.”

He was right. Here I am, eight months postpartum, and 3 pounds away from my wedding weight.

But that’s not the real victory.

Patrick and I have enjoyed being a part of Athletic Revolution’s community for the last year. We learned how to exercise, what we like in a trainer, and countless things about eating better.

Most importantly, our time with Matt has changed our mindset. We both look at the world in a new way. Our lives are better, thanks to his coaching.

It’s been an empowering  year, and we’re both grateful. Good luck on your next adventure, Matt. No excuses!


-The Tobiasson Family


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