Teachers often earn reputations with students and parents; I have earned the reputation of being the Bill Belichick of English teachers.

Parent-teacher conferences were last week, and although it is an exhausting process, I enjoy getting to know the parents of my students. This year, we met with over 90% of our parents. At times, it felt a bit like a marathon.

During one of the legs of the race, a parent sat down and thanked me for all that I do for my students. Like any human, I am always thankful and grateful for high praise. This particular parent made sure to fill me in about how awesome their older child is doing at the high school, thanks to the high expectations, consistency and grit that I work to impart on my students.

“We tell our kids that you’re the Bill Belichick of English teachers. Students need to do what you say, and then they’ll be champions.”

As a Patriot’s fan, this was the highest praise that I could imagine. Here’s why I love being called Bill.

1. I believe in high standards.


2. I believe in logical consequences.


3. I believe in helping my students to reach their greatest potential, and helping them move from good readers and writers to GREAT readers and writers.


4. I love my job. Some days the game is hard to win, some days it is fun. Some days the storm is difficult to weather, and some days are sunny and warm. I work hard to always show up excited to share my love of learning with kids, no matter the conditions.


So, I have embraced this analogy and posted Belichick quotes and posters around the room. I look around at my room of students, and can’t wait to see the champions that they will become, thanks to  all of the great coaching staff that stands behind them.




My closet door
My closet door






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