Tragically Hilarious Suburban Mom Fail

This year, there were a few invitations to Cookie Swaps circulating my in-box. For those unfamiliar, a cookie swap is when you bake a large amount of cookies, bring them to someone’s house, and then trade, so that you have a platter of dozens of different kinds of cookies.

Small problem-I’m not really much of a baker.

But, I’m trying really hard at this “mom” thing, so I decided to push myself to grow, and joined the Westborough Newcomer’s Club cookie swap.

I re-read the invitation at work a couple of days before the big day, which said something like the fact that we should make 3 for each person, so that there would be 55 of each kind of cookie.

I picked up Jasper from daycare early that day, and headed to the much dreaded Stop & Shop.

We ventured through the aisles, loading the cart with sugar and flour, and all of the other ingredients that I’ve been working to eradicate from our diets.

For hours that night, Jasper and Patrick helped me to make all 165 cookies. They rolled dough, loaded trays and patiently helped me turn our kitchen into a cookie factory.

When the night arrived, I boxed up my precious cookies (somehow, only one of the recipes needed to be repeated/adjusted/ditched due to failure.) I was proud of the fact that I had made all requested 165 cookies.

Then, when I got there, I discovered that we needed a TOTAL of 55 cookies, so that there would be 3 per person at the party.

I had made an extra 110 cookies.

Spoiler: You’re all getting cookies for Christmas.


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