The Part of Parenting I’m Worst At

Most days, I manage to keep the house reasonably clean, and the boys well fed and rested. I occasionally lapse in re-application of sunblock, and may be a bit short with a toddler tantrum preceding nap time, but I’m at least competent at most of the duties involved with being a mom of two.

But the thing that I’m worst at is clipping fingernails.

Last week, I clipped Jasper’s toe too short, and it rubbed in his tiny little sneakers while he was running.

Today, I was clipping Sawyer’s nails and clipped a couple too short, just as Patrick is always warning me against doing. They looked okay, if a bit ouchy, so we went outside as planned.

After a few minutes, Jasper stopped his bicycling around the driveway and was adorably playing with Sawyer on his blanket, so I walked across the driveway to get my phone to document the moment.

“Mommy, you hurt Sawyer!! He is hurt!!” Jasper hollered at me.

“What? From over here? How could I possibly have hurt him?!”

“YES!!! YOU HURT HIM!” Jasper scolded insistently.

Scowling, I looked at my boys, and saw tiny blood droplets streaming from my infant’s hand.


It looks like Patrick has been promoted to full-time nail clipper at our house, because I’m not man enough for the job.


5 thoughts on “The Part of Parenting I’m Worst At

  1. Why is it such a hard job?? I have a hard time with this too. Of course, someone won’t hold still because she thinks it is going to hurt and the other thinks it tickles too much.


  2. That’s hilarious! It’s amazing what we competently can and cannot do! I like how you set up the scenario & then gave us the one sentence on nail clipping. Very fun! You expect something larger, but nail clipping is important.

    I’m horrible at nail clipping too. People and animals. Before children I had ferrets. It’s hard to catch a ferret with blood-dripping nails bouncing around the room.


  3. If this is the thing you can’t do, I’d say you are pretty fantastic! I love how your kids defend each other! “Mommy, you hurt Sawyer!! He is hurt!!” Jasper hollered at me.”


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