Westborough: 100th Town Celebrates 300th Anniversary

With all that is going on in the world, I couldn’t be more grateful to be raising our boys within the suburban confines of Westborough.

In an effort to celebrate the tricentennial of this great place, the town is starting a mitten knitting drive, collecting at least 300 mittens to give to needy families. There is also a series of lectures and workshops about town history, and lots of excitement surrounding a parade and fireworks celebration.

Growing up in town, I learned a great deal about its history and founding in Mr. Antonio’s fourth grade class. Eli Whitney, inventor of the cotton gin, was born in Westborough, and almost fifty men from our little town fought in the Revolutionary War. Founded in 1717, Westborough has always had a bit of industry and agriculture; it has balanced a quiet pace of life while offering many modern amenities. (In 1824, this meant a steam train through town; in 2016 it means four Dunkins, a Honey Dew, two Starbucks and a Red Barn.) More information about the town’s history and statistics are at Westborough History.

Today, there is loads of great stuff about living in Westborough. There is the practical stuff, like it’s location 30 minutes from Boston with quick highway access, low crime and great school system.

That is all easy to find on Wikipedia.

What I love about our town is that it is a community that has always supported families, and giving back. My father, Tom Dolan, stumbled into the community when he started Dolan Insurance in 1983 with my grandfather in the front room of our house on Flanders Road. (Fun fact: I was trained to answer phones professionally by age six.)

As of right now, Dolan & Maloney Insurance is the only corporate sponsor of the 300th Anniversary events. A family business, Dolan & Maloney supports many events in town, and is involved in a great deal of community outreach- too many to list. The company embraces Westborough’s culture and works to support the town as often as possible; it is about giving back to the town that has helped our family grow.

But one example of my family’s belief in the importance of community involvement is too sweet not to share. My dad was a leader in the development of many soccer fields across town, and our boys will learn to kick a ball on the fields that my dad proposed to the town and labored over for the years following. How sweet is that?

At this point, Dolan & Maloney Insrance is the only business in town that has stepped up to sponsor; I’m sure that others will follow their great lead as a community business. We’re just that kind of a town.



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