The Gift of Time

imageToday is Patrick’s 32nd Birthday. When we get home, I look forward to making him some dinner (leftover hamburgers), snuggling our tot, and enjoying an adult beverage together at 8:02.

There are no presents for him to unwrap, and we had cake last night with my parents.

Together, as a couple, we decided that what we value most is time. 

We spent the weekend together as a family, and frivolously spent money on wonderful excursions that allowed us to enjoy time together. It was awesome.

In today’s consumerist world, this can be tricky. It is hard to tell friends that what I bought my husband was a pass to a children’s museum and a date night Worcester. We have a great life and even a few luxuries. Last week, when Patrick’s phone died, he was able to buy a new one. It isn’t that we don’t have the funds to pay for new stuff- it is that we would rather invest the money on time with each other.

I am so blessed that I was able to find a guy who whole heatedly believes in this investment plan. I love that I get to live my life with someone who values our family over everything else.

Happy birthday to one terrific husband. Love you forever.




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