Doritos in Our House? Chocolate Milk?

When Jasper was about 9 months old, one of my professional development classes became entrenched in a debate surrounding chocolate milk. As a new mom, I stood adamantly opposed to chocolate milk, as I saw it as an unnecessary sugar binge.

I swore that I would never give it to my kid.

Patrick and I want Jasper to grow into a healthy adult who can make educated decisions about what he puts in his body, and we work hard to limit the junk food that he eats. We don’t keep cookies or chips in the house, and work hard to encourage Jasper to enjoy a variety of foods. At  two years old, his favorite foods are oranges and steak; he scarfs down brussel sprouts and zucchini.

But marketing is tricky. Often, junk food is disguised as healthy snacks. When looking closer, I discovered that “Whole Grain” Cheez-Its are basically the same as Doritos.

cheez its      doritos

These labels show that although the Cheez Its are labeled “whole grain” the wheat is actually processed. They have the same amount of carbohydrates, calories (+/-10) cholesterol, sugar, salt and fat. Basically, Whole Grain Cheez Its are, nutritionally speaking, the same as Doritos.  Don’t get me wrong- I am not opposed to giving my kid Cheez-Its or Doritos  (or any other junk food) once in a while, I just want to make sure that as a family, we are making educated choices about what we eat.

Most days, a snack for Jasper means some (truly) whole grain crackers, and some fruit. Each day, we try to get Jasper to have some vegetables, meat and fruit with a balance of grains. When he is old enough, I will teach him how to read labels to better understand what he is eating, so that he won’t be fooled by tricky labels.

Despite these good intentions, when he eats vegetables, they are often cooked in butter, and he loves ketchup- on everything, or as a main course. Last week, when he was sick and wouldn’t drink anything, I bought chocolate milk.


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