Batman’s Victory Over Westborough Villains

A typical morning in our house starts around 6 am.

Patrick’s first task of the day is to dress the toddler.

Every. Single. Day. Jasper asks to wear his Batman T-shirt. One of our friends had passed along one of the adorable tees that has the velcro cape, and Jasper was in love at first wear.

It got to the point where I was rushing to do laundry so that Jasper could wear the shirt every fourth day or so. I knew that I couldn’t fight it any longer; it was time to stock up.

We made the trip to Target, and I searched through all of the departments for anything in Jasper’s size. The popularity of the latest Avenger movie did me me some serious favors; super hero gear littered the isles. I bought another caped t-shirt, a hat, pajamas, swim trunks and swim shirt all in the Batman theme, and all in Jasper’s size. I deemed it a success.

To my knowledge, Jasper has never actually seen an episode of Batman, so his obsession must come purely from people’s reaction to his disguise. This new loot was sure to bring on the smiles.

When we made our weekly pilgrimage to Stop & Shop last week, Jasper was decked out head-to toe. He had on the shirt, cape, hat and face paint. For once, passers by did not roll their eyes at my squirming toddler or groan when we approached them in line.

“Batman!” they smiled.

“I AM BATMAN!!” Jasper growled in return.

That is when I realized that I need a costume, too. We could  travel through the aisles together, laughing (like we do) but for once, people might actually smile back! 

We could wear matching Bat Family costumes.

We could become known at the Bat-Family of Westborough.

I know that the guy at the meat counter isn’t going to be happy when he sees me. Maybe if I wear a mask he won’t grimace and lecture me when I ask him to wrap our steaks in parchment– our disguises would force the villain that I face each week smile.

Now that would be a victory.




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