Blueberries for Independence

Sawyer and I love blueberries.

Photo Jul 04, 10 02 09 AM

So, when I found out that Harvey’s Farm was open despite the national holiday, I announced that our family would be there at opening.

Before we left, Jasper proudly announced that he didn’t like blueberries. With an eye roll, I assured him that he wouldn’t have to eat any.

We crunched down the gravel at 9:32, I was thrilled to find Jess at the register, smiling as always.

She handed us our buckets and directed us towards the sweetest parts of the patch. Fortunately, Jasper’s excitement was mounting.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t that interested in taking a family photo.

Photo Jul 04, 9 43 34 AM (1)

We wove our way through the rows, sampling a bite here and there and singing “curplink, curplank, curplunk!” in our best Blueberries for Sal interpretation.

We spent half an hour in the bushes, gleefully calling to one another.

Sawyer was a wonderful taste tester.

I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our Nation’s Independence; we were supporting a local family business while having buckets of fun. (Sorry guys, I couldn’t resist that pun…)


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