Why Our Kids Aren’t Going to Accompany Us at a Restaurant

After our first disastrous attempt at bringing Jasper to a restaurant, I decided that take-out was a better option for our family. Like any 21st Century mom, I developed a ranking of the town’s best take-out, sorted by timeliness and nutritional benefits.

Sawyer has proven to be an easy going kid, and last month, Patrick and I thought that we could introduce our young family to the restaurant scene.

We had a wonderful couple of nights at Civic. Their service was wonderful, and their menu closely aligned with our health conscious dietary requests.  It was a perfect couple of nights.

Image result for civic westborough

Then, we had a nice night out at Arturo’s. We were seated in a back room, but the kids devoured the green beans and gluten-free pizza. Service was attentive and speedy; their Pinot Noir made the night relaxing.


Then, we tried to join neighbor’s at Harry’s Diner. The kids were rowdy and the food to a while to get to us… but everyone left happy. I did spend more time reminding Jasper about table manners than I did eating food, but we all left happy. Well… mostly.

Then, I got cocky. I was hungry, the kids were hungry and we were on the road. We found ourselves at Owen O’Leary’s, just moments from home. They’ve got a rowdy and fun bar scene, but I figured that we’d blend in at 5:30.

It was a disaster. The kids fell apart. Patrick and I had to eat food that was “off diet” and Sawyer refused to acknowledge anything as edible. (To be fair, he’s a kid who prefers local vegetables… he’s not your average nugget eater.)

Jasper tried to run around the restaurant. Sawyer threw every piece of food that we offered onto the floor, and it looked like we’d had a food fight in the booth.

In that moment, I realized that we wouldn’t be going back to just any restaurant with our kids.

We’re back to take-out. Or maybe date-night?

Image result for date night!!!


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