Proof That My Husband Loves Me

Like every couple, our discussions around budgets and spending can get emotional.

“I just thought that we’d be further along by now!” I exclaimed, scouring the pot pointedly.

“Well… why don’t you pick out a new set of pots and pans? Like the one that you’d have in your dreams,” Patrick suggested.

I took to the internet, excited about my research. Consumer Reports broke things out by cook top. Sadly, we have one of the electric glass tops, and this can make cooking tricky. Hands down, the best reviews were for Le Creuset, a French company.

My dad had done the research a year before and had the same results, to I knew what the pans felt like. They’re super heavy, and are dangerous when dropped on granite or quartz, but heat evenly and are easy to clean. They transition well from stove to oven, and it is important to never scour them with an abrasive sponge.

I purchased a custom set, and couldn’t be more thrilled with the purchase. No matter how messy the pans get, they clean quickly and easily.  When we start the dishes, we begin by soaking the pan for 15 minutes in cold water. Then, I hose it off again before gently wiping it with a sponge.

Seriously. That’s it.

We might have a vintage pink bathroom, trees that need removing, and a long list of things that need to be taken care of in the house.

But I have a beautiful set of pots, and my husband truly loves me.


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