Farm to Table… It’s Not Just a Fad

Sometimes, a new business steps in and connects pieces of the community, forging relationships and friendships between businesses and the town. Civic, the restaurant at the base of the Westborough Country Club, is “bringing the community together by creating delicious dishes using seasonal ingredients sourced from local farms and producers to provide the highest quality and freshest flavors possible.” While some businesses fall short of living up to mission statements, the staff at Civic is working hard every day to reach these goals.

One year after opening, Civic is consistently serving up dishes loaded with local ingredients in a sophisticated, family-friendly atmosphere. They are hosting a variety of events in an effort to bring the town together.

In early April, Civic’s Farm to Table Celebration showcased the steps that the restaurant is making to connect people with local food. Tables were stacked throughout the restaurant spotlighting local vendors. Harvey’s Farm, Nourse Farm, Cold Harbor Brewery, Yummy Mummy Bakery and Julio’s Liquor store were representing Westborough; Lettuce Be Local, Pecorino, Lilac Hedge, The Coffee Bean and other vendors from local businesses were handing out samples and smiles. All of these small businesses are regularly highlighted on Civic’s menu and help represent the Farm to Table movement that Civic is working to strengthen within Westborough.

Kids ducked in and out of the tables, stealing cupcakes and pretzels while adults lined up for samples from Cold Harbor and Nashoba Valley Winery. Local farmers chatted with families about the ingredients that they offer and how they are supported by Civic. There were no less than four companies promoting their Community Supported Agriculture shares, and members of the community were building connections to their food.

For centuries, Westborough was a community of farmers. Families shared their food, and came together to create a community committed to commerce and embodied the fierce New England spirit of hard work. While fewer farms dot the hillsides of Westborough today, there are still farms and businesses working hard to help people nourish their families. Civic’s Farm to Table celebration displayed how rich these roots are, and how Westborough remains committed to its core values.











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