Sh*t Hits the Fan, and Our Toddler Saves the Day

Last week, I was home with sick kids… again.

And then the sh*t really hit the fan.

For perfectly legitimate reasons, our daycare provider called and let me know that she would no longer be able to drive Jasper to and from preschool. Her reasons were fair, and communicated openly and honestly.  She could keep Jasper, but he wouldn’t be getting that 16 hours of educational curriculum anymore.

But what was I supposed to do? Jasper needs way more stimulation than her sweet house filled with little ones could provide.

After a week of getting little sleep (sometimes NONE) I was now expected to navigate the murky field of how to best educate my toddler, while making sure that he is loved while I’m at work.

I emailed Jasper’s preschool class, begging someone to help us out driving Jasper to and from school. (Our daycare provider lives next to the building- its a 3 minute drive!)

No one responded.

I called the full day preschool in town, the one that I had considered last year, and they didn’t have any immediate openings, but would be happy to take him next year.

“Would you like to come by for a tour?” the delightful woman asked.

“Nope. Where do I mail the check to?” I asked.

“Um.. well… most people come by…” she said, questioning.

“No problem. How about today at three?” I was desperate. She only had one spot left in September, and I wasn’t going to let anything get in my way.

“Well, I guess I can make that work,” she replied.

Thank god Jasper transitions easily. I picked him up a bit early from daycare, and loaded him up in the car. We arrived at the new building, 15 minutes from where he attends school, now.

“Hi! I’m Jasper. What’s your name?” Jasper greeted the director.

“I’m Mrs. O’Rourke!” she smiled.

Our tour went off without a hitch- Sawyer stayed in the sling the entire time, and didn’t make a peep, despite having slept the day away, recovering from the stomach bug. Jasper smiled enthusiastically at kids and adults throughout the whole tour, and I did my best to appropriately murmur words of praise as we circled the building.

This is my only affordable option in town, and I couldn’t believe that she still had an opening 5 months out. Nothing could stand in the way of this sleep deprived mom.

“Who do I make the check out to?” I smiled at the end.

“This is going to be so fun!!” Jasper shouted.

Thank God he transitions easily.


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