Hope for Tomorrow?

Yesterday I unpacked the Poetry Survivor stuff in an effort to kick off the new unit. I showed the kids my iMovie, and read them the directions in my most dramatic voice. After school, we hung jungle stuff all over the room. Seriously- it looks like a tiki jungle threw up in my class.
No one said anything.
No one exclaimed, “Wow, that’s so cool!”
No one smiled, “Who did this?!”
It was any other day in ELA.
“Do we have to read both packets or just the first one?”
 I don’t know what to do to excite this group of kids about learning. They are happy to do worksheets in class, and love multiple choice quizzes. They rarely do homework, and after I finish a game, they want to know why they need to do a reading.
Nothing I do seems to have a lasting effect on their engagement.
Maybe I’ve been teaching for too long- 10 years is a fair amount of time. But I feel like this stuff is cool, and that my teaching can be exciting. Maybe I’m vain; I want to be appreciated for my hard work.
In the past, kids have always been kind about noticing fun things that I do for them.   This year, kids want to know why I didn’t have candy as a prize for finishing the essay on time.

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