Brownies That Aren’t So Bad

For Sawyer’s Big Birthday Celebration, Jasper and I made some cupcakes with bright red frosting. (Jasper assured me that this was what Sawyer wanted for his birthday.)

All three of the Tobiasson boys’ birthdays are in one month, and honestly, I was tired of feeling sick after eating cake.

So, after we made the cupcakes, Jasper and I made some protein brownies. I stole the recipe from a health group I follow on Facebook. I blended;

1 box of healthy-ish brownie mix (I like the No Pudge Fudge, and Bettry Crocker Gluten Free)

2 scoops of IsaPro chocolate whey protein powder

1 can of black beans- with the liquid

1/2 c water

2T of Oil

I blend them up, and then bake for 30 minutes at 350 in a greased pan.

They are gooey, fudgey and delicious. While they aren’t good  for me, they aren’t necessarily bad. 

I didn’t notice any yucky blood sugar spikes or tummy aches afterwards, and I still felt like I was indulging.

Check out Sawyer’s joy with the wacky wild frosting.



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