Year One

I’m so glad that we get to have Sawyer in our lives.

At one year old, he loves to play “peek-a-boo,”putting things on his head, and he aspires to splash in the toilet bowl whenever he can.

He never stops smiling (unless he is truly sick!), and his favorite song is “All You Need is Love” by the Beatles. Throughout the chorus  he chants “Laav, Laav, Laav” to everyone’s glee.

Right now, Sawyer loves carrots, kiwi and graham crackers.

He is stubbornly refusing to walk; he can stand independently, walk a step or two on his own, and will walk if we hold his hands. But honestly, he is convinced that the best way to get where he is going is on his hands and knees.

After months and months of effort, he is sleeping much better these days- and so we are all feeling better during the day.

He makes all of our lives happier. Happy Birthday, little one!






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