Perfectly Yummy

Last month, Jasper turned four.

When I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday, he announced that all that he wanted was cake and a Batman pinata.

“Do you want to have a party with animals? Or tractors? Or ponies?” I asked, hopefully.

“I want cake, and cupcakes, and a pinata,” he firmly replied.

I took to the internet, and was thrilled to find that our local bakery, Yummy Mummy, hosts small birthday parties for kids.

Melissa worked with me to set up a theme and a schedule of cooking events for the kids. She agreed to do a “gluten-soy-free-Ryder-Paw-Patrol” cake without batting an eye, and agreed to bend her usual plan of action to include the parents of the toddlers in the party.

Two nights before the party, Jasper spent the night in the ER. Fortunately, he didn’t have appendicitis or a twisted colon, as we feared. Unfortunately, he did have a nasty virus and was still contagious and way too tired to celebrate on the scheduled date.

Melissa and the crew at Yummy Mummy graciously rescheduled. They couldn’t have been more compassionate, and understanding. They embodied everything that you could ask for from a local business.

Finally, the big day arrived.

Jasper and 8 toddlers were greeted with a warm and welcoming smile. They baked cookies, decorated cupcakes, read a story and ate some cake. (We’d done the Batman pinata the week before.) All of the treats were delicious- I’ve honestly never tasted a better gluten free dessert. The prices at Yummy Mummy are very reasonable, and I was thrilled with every element of our day.

On the way out the door, Patrick couldn’t resist a peanut butter brownie, and Jasper assured me that the cupcakes were THE BEST EVER.

Yummy Mummy made my kid feel special. Everyone was smiling and loaded up with delicious sweets by the end of the hour.  And I didn’t have a single dish to wash.


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