All. The. Grocery. Stores.


When I first graduated from college, we lived in Richfield Springs, New York. This was considered a happening town in Central New York; there were 3 restaurants (diner, Chinese, Pizza), a Price Chopper in town and Walmart was a short 20 minutes away; the movie theater was about a 70 minute drive.

Patrick loved it, but frankly, this was just too rural for me to handle.

While Westborough isn’t exactly a metropolis, we certainly are blessed with plenty of food options- over 80 restaurants, and a dozen grocery stores within 15 minutes of our house.

Stop & Shop

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There are literally 5 Stop & Shops within 15 minutes of our house. Honestly, they aren’t the cheapest, they don’t always have great customer service. But Stop & Shop has basically everything anyone could ever want- organic everything, weird fruit, 6 kinds of Kefir, baby diapers, local veggies… It is a suburban mom’s companion. (or nemesis…) Their hours are great- they open at 6, and close at 11, making those days when I run out of baby Tylenol much less painful.

Roche Brothers

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This place feels a bit more friendly, but some of the aisles are narrower, and their selection isn’t quite as big as Stop & Shop’s. They have a great prepared foods section, and there’s a Starbucks. Located right at the rotary, Roche Brothers has terrific customer service. I’ve had more than a couple of offers to help load the groceries into my car!


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This place is… epic. Originating in New York, Wegmans has a terrific selection of organic, unique, and basic food staples. They have an olive bar and cheese selection that literally makes me drool; their meat and fish counters are at least three times the size of the ones found at Roche Brothers. My favorite part of Wegmans (besides their caramelized onion hummus) is the huge wine and beer selection. The prices and quality of the booze is fantastic. The biggest drawback of Wegmans is that it is almost always packed on the weekends, and parking can be tricky. So- treat yourself to something from the cafeteria while you’re there.

Price Chopper

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Sometimes, they’ve got bargains. Their organics selection leaves a bit to be desired, but in general they are a bit cheaper than then others. This is the place to go for “salt potatoes” and a few other items that Stop & Shop refuses to stock. Located on Route 9, just before 140, this place is often skipped by Westborough residents, despite being about 10 minutes from home.


Image result for hannaford hudson ma

This is my second choice for shopping. It is small, and located in Hudson, is a 15 minute drive from our house. Their organics selection is small, but the guy at the deli counter is friendly, and prices on everything are reasonable. If I’m in town, and need to grab something quickly, this place is much easier to get through than Stop & Shop.

Market Basket

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Renowned for having great customer service and ultra-low prices, I have found Market Basket to have some pretty great deals on the basics. (Tomato Sauce for $1! Bananas for 25 cents!) But they don’t sell big boxes of diapers, and their organic fruit selection can be low. If you’ve got time to drive and are ready to hunt for a deal, this is the place to go! It is a 12 minute drive from Westborough.


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The wholesale club is rumored to have awesome deals when you buy in bulk. Honestly, when I do a true price shop, the prices aren’t significantly different from those at Stop & Shop. Their diapers and paper goods are priced very competitively, but Amazon auto delivery sells them at a similar price. They do have a great wine & beer selection, but Wegmans is cheaper. At the end of the day, I’m not a huge fan. They do have the benefit of super cheap gas,but after the cost of a club membership, it doesn’t seem like such a deal. Still, some people swear by it! Plus, it is only about 10 minutes from anywhere in Westborough.


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They’re there, right at the west end of Westborough’s town line. They have just about everything that you could want. They even stock that soy cheese loved by vegans, and their frozen pizza selection is unrivaled. Honestly, their prices aren’t that much better than the other stores, but sometimes, it is nice to be able to buy bananas and towels in the same store.

Westborough residents often balk at driving 10 minutes north to Market Basket, but don’t hesitate to drive 10 minutes to BJ’s. Honestly, the parking at Market Basket is better- and so is the customer service. We’re spoiled with choices. So how come no one has found me a food that can erase the calories from the glass of Pinot Noir that I need after my shopping trip?


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