A Little Support Goes a Long Way

“Well, honey, you gotta really tighten this,” Charlene said in a voice raspy from decades of smoking.

I smiled, hesitantly and dared to glance at myself in the mirror, looking at my reflection under the pink letters of empowerment.

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For the first time in over 5 years, I was wearing a bra that actually fit.

Since having Jasper, my size yo-yoed more than once. My boobs did a great job of feeding two kids, and our change in lifestyle has had the amazing benefit of a reduced waistline.

Despite having stopped breastfeeding about 3 months ago, I was still wearing my stretchy nursing bras. They offered little structural support, and when I really looked at myself in the mirror, I realized that it was time that I accepted and enjoyed my post baby body.

We hired a babysitter, and hit up Kohls.

I had no idea what bra size I was.

I tried on about 6 different sizes and styles, but after an hour, thought that I had some viable options.

The next week, I tried sporting my new 36B under my size small sweater. I must have adjusted the straps 20 times, and more than twice I went to the bathroom to pull the thing down from around my ears.


So, I went to Victoria’s Secret, ready to shell out some serious cash, but praying that just maybe, I could find a bra that I didn’t have to spend the day pulling back into place.

It turns out that post kids, I’m a 30C. That’s 3 sizes down one way, and up another from the ones that I had picked out for myself at Kohl’s!

Charlene helped me to find a pile of bras that actually fit. She cinched them tighter around my ribs, and lower down my back. She made sure that I felt comfortable, and happy with my purchase.

“Everyone deserves to feel pretty!” she smiled.

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