Wings in Westborough?

One of Patrick’s favorite foods is chicken wings. This might be because he was raised in an area close to Buffalo, or because he has fond memories of his days as a bachelor- eating whatever he pleased, or because there really isn’t anything much better than sweet, spicy and salty all in one bite.

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Unfortunately, Westborough doesn’t have much to offer right in town for chicken wings.

So, we end up driving ALMOST 10 MINUTES. Options are:

Buffalo Wild Wings– They do a great take-out business, and truly feel like a sports bar. They have high tables and booths, tons of TVs blaring games and the menu has loads of spice options. These guys are on Route 9 in Shrewsbury, about 10 minutes from Westborough.

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Hooters– This place is certainly well known for their waitresses, but let’s be honest, their wings aren’t bad. While it isn’t necessarily the first place I’d think of bringing our toddler, the atmosphere is actually very friendly and the service is great. They’re close to Wild Wings, about a 15 minute drive from Westborough on Route 9 in Shrewsbury.

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Hudson Wings– They are relatively new to the hopping food scene in Hudson. Their spice options mirror Buffalo Wild Wings, and they also have fried pickles and Oreos. This place is better for take-out, as the booths aren’t as cozy as Wild Wings. It feels a bit more sterile, but Jasper loves their food. It is about 15 minutes from our house, up 495.

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Wegmans– While primarily a grocery store, they have a prepared foods section that rivals any food court. They have wings of the barbeque, buffalo and Chinese food variety. I like that I can grab some sushi, Jasper can have some meatballs, and Patrick can grab his wings. The prices are reasonable, considering their convenience. They’re at the junction of Route 9 & 20- a short 10 minutes from Westborough.

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