Sleep Debt?

When Jasper was a little guy, we would listen to our friends complain about the  lack of sleep that they were enduring with their near one year-olds and politely remark about “how awful it must be.”

We would go home, and congratulate one another for being awesome parents who were able to get our little guy to sleep.

Then we had Sawyer.

Sleep has become an obsession.

We’ve tried Ferber, and even went as far as hiring sleep consultants. This kid is nine months old, and our entire lives revolve around his sleep.

One of the identified problems has been a “sleep debt.” This theory is that he is exhausted from basically never feeling rested. His body has built up endorphins and hormones that are preparing his body for a daily battle without enough sleep. One night of good sleep, or a good nap, is not enough to erase his “sleep debt” as these hormones have accumulated in his system throughout his whole life. He needs loads of good sleep to help these levels decrease.

It has been a while now, and Sawyer is making unquestionable progress.

We were incredibly nervous about dragging Sawyer up to New Hampshire with us. Where would he sleep? If we put him in one of our rooms, he would keep us up, and Jasper finds anyone else sleeping in his room too exciting of an adventure to sleep past 5.

The sleep consultant’s answer? Put Sawyer in the bathroom and turn the fan on. It is totally dark, quiet and isolated in there.

Don’t worry- I wouldn’t let Patrick just plop him in the tub. His pack & play is nudged in the room.

Cross your fingers for tonight. Patrick and I are still working on paying down our sleep debt.



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