If you’ve hung around an adolescent lately, you know what I’m talking about.

There are a few “trends” from Youtube that are dominating the minds of American kids.

  1. Dabbing. Ultimately, this is something that stems from drug culture. Kids draw out their hands and throw their faces in their elbows when they do well or “score” a victory. It is distracting, and kids are compulsively/addicted to doing this. I used to think it was the most annoying thing happening in my classroom in 2016.
  2. Flipping. This one comes from a talent show act posted on Youtube. The kid takes a partially filled water bottle, and flips it so that it lands upright. Then the kid “dabs.” Middle school students are now flipping water bottles, markers, pencils- anything that they can get their hands on to try and see if it will land upright. Their attention is captivated by any object in their hands, and there is nothing I can do that will convince them that they should be spending their time in my class learning, instead of flipping.
  3. Mannequin Challenge Ok, I actually like this one. It is the opposite of a “flash mob.” A group of people “spontaneously” stop moving in the middle of a scene while a camera moves throughout, documenting people’s frozen poses. It reminds me of my old favorite “Saved By the Bell.” I kind of liked it when the whole 7th grade froze for a coordinated moment during lunch, but don’t tell them- I don’t want them to try it during English class.

Dabbing and flipping have become so distracting and infectious that I have “no dabbing” and “no flipping” signs posted. One kid had 3 warnings in one day and still earned a detention for repeated dabbing.

What will they think of next?!


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