Pumpkins Are Vegetables.

“Food comes from farms! Apples grow on trees, and pumpkins grow on….” Jasper can rattle off some good facts that he’s learned at preschool about where his food comes from.

We’re also big fans of country music, so he’s been known to spout, “Rain makes corn.. Corn makes whisky, and whisky makes my baby… feel a little frisky!”

He gets it.

Kind of.

I mean, what does a farm look like? And where are these farms?

One great local farm in Westborough is Nourse Farm. As I’ve written before, this farm is a few centuries old, and has some  amazing family history. (Any American is sure to appreciate a connection to the Salem Witch Trials!) I try to take our boys to farms as much as possible, so that they can truly understand what it takes to make food, and what it is that we’re eating.

But that’s not why I’m writing today.

In an effort to support local businesses, we buy our pies from Nourse Farm instead of Stop & Shop. This family is working to cultivate the earth and help local families have access to real, local, food.

How cool is that?

The night before  Thanksgiving, we trucked through town, ready to pick up our pies. Three generations of Nourse Family smiled at my eager and earnest toddler, and made polite noises about how cute Sawyer’s toes were.

“I want Pumpkin Pie!” Jasper shouted gleefully, gawking at the pumpkins littering the entrance.

“Would you like there to be pumpkin pie?” Marsha asked, glancing at me above Jasper’s head.

She couldn’t have had a better response.

“Sure,” I said, pulling forward memories of Bill Cosby’s bit about chocolate cake.

Our banter continued as we both recounted our past visits, and Marsha’s son helped me safely tote our bounty back to the minivan.

That night, we had pie for dinner. Jasper loved his special treat- we spent the night talking about how cool it was to know where his dinner came from.



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