Winter Re-Imagined

Once again, I had no idea what I was getting into.

Last year, I took Jasper to the Christmas lights display at Tower Hill, and we had a ball running around. I was excited to visit again, this time with a toddler who had another year of

I planned the visit with my parents, so that Patrick could stay home and ensure that Sawyer could make his 4:45 bedtime. (Yup, 4:45- you read that right!)

Jasper was thrilled to have Moe Moe & Pops join us, but honestly, he wasn’t that into the lights.

Once again, he ran around the dimly lit grounds at full speed, weaving in and out of people. I did a better job of wrangling him, and to be fair, Jasper listened to most of my reminders to slow down.


There were loads of beautiful colors and displays. I was sure that he would enjoy the stick cave/sculpture that was lit with an impressively romantic display, but Jasper was “too scared” to hang around. (I think he just wanted to run more!)

He loved the “fairy lights” in the trees, and tolerated my cooing at the awesome displays. (The igloo, his favorite from last year, didn’t have any penguins, so he was a bit disappointed.)

His favorite part was the stuffed reindeer. Go figure!

So, if you’re looking for something fun to do this winter, I highly recommend the lights display at Tower Hill. If you’ve got a toddler, don’t forget your running shoes.



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