Who Needs Professionals When I Have an iPhone?

Since Sawyer is so happy (Guys, he honestly smiles all of the time!) I was confident that we could nab the spot for cutest Christmas picture of the year.

I chose one to imitate from a Google search that looked like our Buddha Baby could pull off, and prepared to do our best imitation. I scoured Amazon for a tiny Santa hat. Then, I set Jasper up with a pretty sweet set of footy-pajamas. (The ones that are usually banned thanks to toddler potty training.)

As Christmas approached, I carefully scheduled a photo session in our living room, complete with bells and cookies as bribery.

Who needs professionals when I have an iPhone? Who’s with me?


Chocolate was smeared into our rug within 5 minutes, and Jasper wanted to eat ALL THE COOKIES NOW.

Then Sawyer barfed up the cookie, since his little tummy had no idea what to do with all of that sugar. (I’m omitting the “Is that poop on the floor? No don’t eat that!” section of this story. Because you don’t need to read about it to know how Jasper and I reacted.)

A couple look cute enough for the card, right?



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