Christmas Miracles

Last weeked we made our annual pilgrimage to the tree farm to cut down our Christmas tree. 

Given Sawyer’s new nap/sleep routine, we had about 2 hours to get the kids ready, drive the to the farm, pick out a tree and take some adorable pictures with Santa.

Jasper was beside himself with glee, as proven by the short 17 minutes that it took him to put on his shoes. (Any parent of a toddler can tell you that this is record time- only 3 reminders were needed!)

When we reached the lot, I found a tree that I loved in short order.

“Now Jasper, you remember where this tree is. Mommy will need to walk around the other trees for twenty more minutes,” Patrick snidly remarked.

Ha! Not this year. Our schedule didn’t allow for fun family strolls around the farm.

Patrick had felled the tree and a friendly guy from Ellsworth farm was toting it to the parkinglot for us within the next 5 minutes. Sawyer cooed happily from the backpack while Jasper shouted at the tractors.

Yup, that’s my guy, cutting down our tree. Because he loves me. 

We loaded into the barn to enjoy our cider and cookies, while I got in line to pay.

“And who is this little guy?” Santa asked, scooping Jasper up for a hug.

“JASPER!!” our tot beamed.

“And what would you like for Christmas?”


Wait… what?!

I’d never heard a single thing about a rocket ship before this moment. My heart beat raced, and I placed my hand on the phone in my pocket, praying that Amazon could help fullfill this wish.

Santa plopped Jasper back on the ground as he resumed his post, and we paid for our tree.

After we waited in line a short five minutes (an eternity for our rambunctious toddler) to have our pictures taken with Saint Nick, Sawyer, as always,beamed happily at the camera. Jasper again announced his wish for Christmas, and I scrambled to update the Amazon order while we were in the parking lot.

We made it home in 55 minutes.

A Christmas miracle.




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