Christmas Trees in Westborough

Our family goes out and cuts down a tree every year a day or two after Thanksgiving. Since we live in New England, sometimes this means that we don scarves, hats, and gloves; sometimes we’re in t-shirts. Either way, it is something that I truly love to do with my boys.

Westborough is filled with a number of great options for buying a tree. Here’s the breakdown:


  1. Harvey’s Farm– Beautiful, lush trees from a conciencious local farm. Harvey’s has loads of beutiful wreaths, table top displays and greens. They have a heated green house, and plenty of local holiday desserts to purchase. Emily and her dad, “Farmer Harvey” have loads of information and can help you and yours find the perfect option for your home.
  2. Westborough Civic Club– The trees come out the day after Thanksgiving, and are sold at a great price; proceeds benefit the Civic Club in town, which works year round to help support the residents of Westborough. (This is where we bought trees when I was little!)
  3. The Green Thumb– Located on route 9 and open at 9am, this place is huge! They have a large indoor “barn” filled with holiday decor, and a well-stocked ski outlet. You could buy everything that you need for the season right here, and wouldn’t need to worry about the elements!

They also sell trees at Home Depot, Lowes, and the grocery stores, but… I’d stick to the above list.


  1. Ellsworth Tree Farm– This place is technically in Northborough, but it is less that 10 minutes from my house. They have a bunch of different species of trees, a beautiful barn filled with free animal crackers and cider. Santa visits a few days a year, and poses for pictures in his sled. It is a bit pricey, but they load the trees in the lot and help you mount them on your car. It is an all-inclusive experience, and I love supporting a local business.
  2. Pell Farms– They’re located in Grafton, and are convinient for people living on the other side of town. They provide saws and a friendly atmosphere.
  3. Star of the East Christmas Tree Farm– Sometimes, you need to feel like you’re on an adventure. We trecked to this spot once, because they’re out in the woods and I felt like Chevy Chase would have been proud of our perserverance in finding the perfect tree. They have tons of tractors and acreage. It was fun!

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