Go the F to Sleep

“Go the F___ to sleep,” Jasper read to Sawyer, turning the pages slowly.

I froze.

We’ve worked so hard to eradicate that word from our house- had I inadvertently just let it back in? Was our kid a genius?

It is no secret that Patrick and I have suffered from lack of sleep. Sawyer’s approaching eight months old, and we had reached the point of delirium.

My literacy coach, in an effort to make light of the situation, loaned me a copy of Go the F___ to Sleep. 

A comical take on bedtime stories, the passages of the book encourage babies to… go the F____ to sleep. I had done a dramatic reading of the text the night before for Patrick, and had left the book out on the table.

As we readied for school the next morning, I heard Jasper reading it to Sawyer… and I was sure that he was reading it complete with the expletives. (How could our kid have heard me? How did he know which book I had read?)

I rushed in, and asked him to re-read the first page. Dreary from sleep, I listened intently as Jasper narrated, “Go the FOX to sleep” a clear toddler interpretation of the cover page.

Bummer. Our kid isn’t reading fluently at age 3.

Bonus. Our toddler isn’t swearing.



8 thoughts on “Go the F to Sleep

  1. Now that’s a funny story to share when your kids are older (much older). My daughter-in-law had left that book for us when we were babysitting our granddaughter this summer. Fortunately we did not have to resort to using it. (Just so you know, I’m still chuckling.)

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