Break Out the Baby Jail

I’m not sure if I’m ready for this!

Jasper started walking when he was around a year old. He was a great first baby. If I wanted to know what skills he would develop next, all that I had to do was open up a parenting book.

It would read something like, “Babies learn to walk between 9-12 months of age.” Jasper learned to stand at 9 months and was walking confidently around 12 months. He followed all of the developmental charts to the letter; his predictability matched our schedule-oriented parenting style perfectly.

Sawyer turned 7 months old yesterday, and he is fully mobile. He crawls at record speeds across rooms, and he is pulling himself up on tables, chairs and cabinets. He stands with pride and “cruises” around the room, supporting himself with his hands.

This little guy is going to be walking in a matter of weeks.

He might have arrived on his due date, but it seems like Sawyer is determined to set his own schedule.

Say a prayer for us.




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