The Best $350 We Ever Spent

We were zombies.

It had been over 8 months since I had slept through the night.

From Day 1, Sawyer hasn’t been a great sleeper.

He had tongue & lip tye, and needed to sleep on me to help with his painful gas. We tried to Ferberize him in August- and for a week or two, things seemed to be going well.

Honestly, we didn’t get it. We had thought we were awesome parents; Jasper is a great sleeper thanks to our religious following of the Ferber method. At three, he goes to bed wide awake and doesn’t make a peep for 10-11 hours.

Sawyer reminded us that we know basically nothing about parenting.

At 7 months old, he was still getting up 3+ times a night. We would put him to bed awake and he would quickly fall asleep, only to rise again demanding food, Tylenol or hugs. If we tried to just comfort him and let him fall back to sleep he would scream. For hours.

I gave up.

In a desperate attempt to cling to what little sleep I could, I would feed/Tylenol/pat him as needed.

But I was no longer a fully concious, happy person.

And our baby wasn’t either.

So, we called Well Rested Baby. They’re not cheap. A phone consult and email support for two weeks ran us $350. (Guys, we hadn’t slept in eight months. I would have given thousands for a night’s sleep. It was a big investment, but…)

This was the best money we’ve ever spent.

Kristen talked to us on the phone, and after reading our intake form, helped us to “tweak” a few things in our daily routine. The bottom line was that Sawyer wasn’t getting enough sleep during the day.

Now, we’re making sure he naps more, or we’re putting him to bed around 5pm.

I can hear your groans.

“Doesn’t he get up super early then?”


We were dubious, too.

Last night he went down at 5pm and didn’t emerge from his room for THIRTEEN HOURS!! I did go in and feed him once, and Patrick did the progressive wait thing for thirty minutes around 5am. BUT HE FELL BACK TO SLEEP.


We’ve also “tweaked” Jasper’s routine so that he is napping again, and giong to bed earier. Patrick and I are on the way to losing our zombie status.

Get your dancing shoes ready, because we’re celebrating!




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