The Truth About Trick or Treating With a Toddler


“Jasper, if you’re going to ask for candy, you need to be wearing a costume. That is the fun of Halloween!” I begged.

“NOOO!” he retorted.

Getting my loving, adorable little guy dressed in the morning usually requires the negotiating skills of a skilled, practiced diplomat. Like all good diplomatic negotiations, both parties end up feeling like they lost something.

Last year, Jasper was super excited about being a kitty for Halloween. We practiced trick-or-treating, wearing the costume, and saying thank you. Then, a day before Halloween, he decided that he would only “be a football guy.”

I took a deep, rational breath, and bought him a Brady jersey. He awoke at 5:22 am, ready to collect his bounty. Jasper spent the entire day asking when it was time to go trick-or-treating to collect his lollipops.

“After you put on you’re costume, we’ll go out!” I would smile. (The smile was pretty forced after the twentieth inquisition.)

Then, it was finally time to put on the costume and go trick-or-treating.

Jasper refused to change.

Toddler screams filled our house, and patience waned.

Fortunately, I had purchased a tail and ears when I picked up the Brady jersey, (hey, I like emergency plans!) so I pinned the tail on my toddler and marched him out the door to the dozens of people gathering in the yard.

After a bit, he did remember to say “trick or treat!” and “thank you.” He was a bit pushy, but frankly, I was all out of patient warnings.

This year, it is going to be totally different. This time, Jasper is proudly announcing that he is going to be “Zippy, the girl kitty.”

Fingers crossed that “Zippy” makes it out of the house, because Sawyer is bounding with joy at the idea of wearing his tiger costume in public.


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