Money Saving Tip for Breastfeeding

Recently, a law was passed to help make breastfeeding supplies tax deductable.

“What supplies do you even need? Do they make your boobs a write-off?” Patrick sneered when I excitedly read him the headline.


If only it was that simple.

I have two pumps, half a dozen bottles, the breast pump parts, bags to steam the parts when we’re traveling, pads to soak up leaking milk, nursing tops… the list of breastfeeding supplies is actually pretty long.

I spent almost $200 just on the bags to store Jasper’s milk- and I only fed him for eight months.

This time, I’ve only spent about $80 on those bags, and we’re almost 7 months into the breastfeeding adventure. This has nothing to do with my improved Amazon shopping skills, and everything to do with a stranger’s genius idea.

I bought a stainless steel thermos that I store my daily milk supply in.

I just empty my milk from the pump into this container, and then dispense it into the bottles in the morning. It keeps the milk cold, is easy to store and even keeps it cool if I have to leave it in the car for a bit.

Last time around, I tried to use bags or the Madela pump bottles, and they inevitably leaked or spilled, despite their hefty price tag.

This $12 thermos is amazing. I wash it each night, and sterilize it when I do the other stuff. (Oh, did I add sterilizing and washing supplies to that list, above?!)


It is cheaper, more effective and efficient. As Phil Mulchahey says, “That’s a win-win-win.”


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