Columbus Day is one of my favorite holidays, and this year ranks among my top ten.

The weather is almost always perfect- cool at night and sweater weather during the day. The trees are beautiful, and a long weekend feels just right after a month or so of school.

This year, we braved the road trip with our tiny screamer, in hopes of having a great time at Story Land. (Patrick generously rode in the back seat with Sawyer, making every effort to quiet his howls.)

It was totally worth it.

Jasper rode on his first roller-coaster, the “Polar Coaster” a total of three times in one day. He was shaking with excitement and couldn’t wait to get back in line after each ride around the track.

The foliage around North Conway was truly stunning.

Jasper had an amazing time playing with family friends during gatherings, and tossing leaves on his brother’s head. (Sawyer wasn’t too annoyed.)

One of my favorite moments was at the end of Story Land. Winnie the Poo and Tigger were there, but they had obviously grown a bit damp from the morning drizzle. Jasper ran up to them with excitement. He was totally fearless, despite the line of timid youngsters around.

When it was his turn, Jasper climbed up onto the seat for his picture. Poo and Tigger were friendly, but a bit tired.

“C’Mon guys! Hold my hand for the picture!!” Jasper shouted gleefully.

They obliged.

Our gregarious toddler was more excited about life than Tigger. How lucky are we?!


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3 thoughts on “Perfection.

  1. So fun to see your colorful fall pics. Shame on Tigger and Pooh . . . I really think Tigger could have summoned more energy for this pic with an enthusiastic fan!


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