My Toddler Doesn’t Want Me to Get Fat

“Yeah. You’re going to the gym so you don’t get fat.”

Jasper smiled at me as I hurried out the door last night.

I stopped in my tracks and inhaled deeply.

How had he come up with that idea? How had my little toddler developed this idea that fat is bad, and something that I’m fighting against?

Patrick and I joined a gym about a year ago, and have been working to eat more “real foods” in an effort to help our boys have a better idea about nutrition.

Jasper eats a pretty balanced diet for a toddler, and Patrick and I certainly have a ways to go, but our diets are considerably better than they were a year ago.

Thanks to a huge scheduling effort, Patrick and I both make it to the gym twice a week. We make sure to tell Jasper that we’re going to the gym, and we talk to him every day about how he exercised.

“Did you have fun during our walk around the block?” “I noticed that you did a great job climbing and reaching at the park today!”

So how did Jasper come up with this idea that fat is something to be ashamed of? In our huge effort to push for a healthy body image, had we missed something about self acceptance?

We’ve both talked to Jasper about this idea in greater depth since it came up, but I’m not sure that his pre-schooler’s brain is fully comprehending it all.

I am sure that he is watching and learning.

Our kids our 6 months old and three years-old. We have a long battle ahead of us in helping them to be mindful, healthy men.  I’m armed with kale and planks; I’m not afraid to use them.


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