Why We Don’t Believe in Baby Food

Grocery stores are full of jars of baby food, and the media has marketed mashed carrots and peas at parents for over a century.

Our baby doesn’t touch the stuff.

Our pediatritian recommended that we follow the WHO recommendation of holding off of food except for breastmilk until he was six months old.

This month when it was time to introuce foods, Sawyer just dug in to “real” people food. If we’re having spaghetti and meatballs, he does, too.

Sawyer loved the squash soup last week, and the baked sweet potatoes were a huge hit.


When the neighbors from the Cul de Sac came over last night, I didn’t have to take out a jar and spoon feed my baby. He just grabbed some hunks of pork and had at it.

This is part of a parenting philosophy called “Baby Led Weaning.” Basically, babies following this philosphy get to choose what they do and don’t eat, and how much. They learn to chew and spit out food before they learn to swallow it, while learning about texture, finger grip and working on hand-eye coordination.

I found it on a friend’s blog when Jasper was tiny. Since then, I’ve read a few other blogs and done a bit of research. Our pediatritian fully approves of this method of food introduction, so I’m not just parenting off of the internet. (I promise. I’m not one of those people. Patrick won’t let me.)


Plus, our kid loves it.






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