I Should Have Listened to My Mother.


Before I had Jasper, my mom warned me to buy the laundry detergent that is made for sensitive skin, to wash everything before I put it on my babies, and that she used cloth diapers and wipes because they helped minimize diaper rashes. She knew that our boys would share my sensitive skin, and all of the rashes and burns that come with it. As a first time parent, I was overwhelmed with ideas and suggestions. I did what I could to follow her suggestions but…

Looking back, my mom was 100% on point with her advice. The first time around, I mostly listened… (For example- we were at a party and someone purchased a cute outfit for Jasper. I put it on him without washing it in sensitive skin soap. He erupted in a painful rash that resulted in howling the whole way home.) Jasper had some sort of diaper rash or infection for the first year of his life.  At the time, I had no idea what caused it. Now I know that it was the babywipes.

This time around, I’m not making the same mistakes that I made with Jasper. 

This time, I’m avoiding babywipes altoghether.

When we’re at home, I use cloth diapers that I cut up into squares with a bit of water. I throw them in the wash with our laundry- it is no extra effort. When we’re out and about, or while Sawyer is at daycare, we just wet some paper towels.

One time, I tried using a “sensitive skin” babywipe. BOOM. Instant diaper rash.He has honestly never had one since. It is amazing- six months old and only one diaper rash, dispite his hypersensitive skin.

I should have paid closer attention to my mom the first time around.



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