Sharing and Selfies

Although tiny newborns have personalities and qualities that make them unique, it takes the better part of a year for these little beings to truly show these personalities to the world and begin to exert their power.

Sawyer is starting to share his personality with the family.

Jasper is partially amused by this development, but more than a little irritated. Fortunately, Sawyer is convinced that Jasper is the coolest person in the world, and is happy with any attention that Jasper shares with him- even if that means an epic tantrum.

(Mommy gush: Jasper makes sure that he “trades” toys with Sawyer- he will offer him a truck, and then when he wants it back, he substitutes it with another that he was playing with. So far, we’ve avoided conflict.)

Jasper is going to be in trouble when Sawyer is mobile. So far, everything has been Jasper’s… unless he chooses to share it with Sawyer.

Those days are numbered, buddy- Sawyer’s going to be mobile soon!

Jasper tolerates playing peek-a-boo, but refuses to smile for the camera.
Teething, drooling Sawyer smiles. Jasper refused to participate unless he could hold the phone. His selfie taking skills are questionable.



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