Now That’s Ballsy.

Sometimes, you get a Pinterest win. Usually, Pinterest is on my list of everything that is wrong in this world. 

While I was pregnant, someone posted a picture of a Ball Jar salad on facebook, and I was convinced that they were the answer to my meal prepping problems. Sadly, morning sickness returned before I could enjoy them, and I required more sustenance and comfort than a salad could provide for lunch.

Patrick and I have been making great progress with our healthy living goals, and I decided that this would be a great week to try the Ball Jar salads. So, I cooked some chicken in the oven and after the boys were in bed and Patrick was at the gym, I filled some jars with Caesar salad.

Dressing at the bottom, chicken, Parmesan cheese and organic mixed greens.

Three days later, it was delicious! I just grabbed it from the fridge, shook it up and scarfed it. We’re having the last two for dinner tonight, while Jasper has a protein smoothie. (Shh.. don’t tell anyone, but I’ll probably have a glass of wine to celebrate Friday night.)





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