Easier to Put on Than Underwear

Chasing after an active three year-old is exhausting on a good day.

Navigating stores, the park and our neighborhood can be tricky with a single stroller, never mind the monsterous double stroller.

How are you supposed to go up an down a hill single handed without spilling the juice cup?!

When Jasper was tiny, we rarely used the baby carrier. With two adults there to serve his every need, it just didn’t seem worth the effort.

This time around, I’ve used the ring-sling just about every day.

When he was brand new, Sawyer loved cozying up facing me in the sling.

Now that he’s bigger, he rides kangaroo style and on my hip. I’ve even braved the rear switch-er-oo.



I don’t know how I would survive without this thing. Since I use it every day, I’m at the point where I can throw Sawyer in it one-handed while balancing him on my knee. Although it looks a bit intimidating, it takes less time to get Sawyer into the sling than it does to get Jasper strapped into his car-seat!


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