Sometimes… It’s Best to Just Let ‘im Finish.

It has been a real challenge to coordinate infant and toddler naps, regular meals, exercise for Jasper, Patrick and I, and getting the laundry done.

A less schedule oriented person would surely have surrendered.

Not one to give in, or to shy away from schedule magic, I worked really hard yesterday to make sure that everything on the list was completed.

By 9:30, I had put away two loads of laundry, fed both of our children, changed diapers, wiped butts, showered and emptied the dishwasher. (You should be proud of me.)

Jasper was not impressed.

Determined to stick to our screen time limit, I racked my brain for an activity that would keep him quiet while I put Sawyer down for his first nap.

Seconds ticked by.

I opened the closet, and saw two bottles of paint with a tuny bit left in them. I squeezed the rest of their contents onto a paper plate, stripped Jasper down to his undies, and asked him to wipe up any of the paint from the floor with th provided paper towels. He was under strict instructions to cover as much of the glass as possible with paint, and to try to keep the paint on the easy to clean windows.

I wasn’t really surprised to find paint on the floor or my toddler.

The paint on the curtains, table and chairs wasn’t much of a shocker, either.

It was the globs dripping from the ceiling that really impressed me.

Honestly, surrendered. I grabbed a chocolate zucchini muffin and hid in the other room with my cell phone while Jasper finished coating the kitchen with paint. At that point, why stop him?!

*Another victory: All painting evidence was cleaned up by the time that Patrick came home for lunch. Only the pile of towels relayed the story of this adventure.

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