Fair for a Toddler… And His Family

One of Jasper’s favorite weekends of the year is the Bolton Fair. He  has been obsessed with tractors for as long as I can remember, and the display of tractors is always a huge hit.

The Fair also boasts a sand pit with diggers, some tractor pulls, a petting zoo, duckie races, achildren’s musical performances, a 4-H fair, plus all of the fun that comes with midway rides and food.

Each year, Jasper has a new favorite activity. This year, temperatures soared over 100 degrees, and with Sawyer in tow, I was a bit nervous. But the little guy was a champ, and happily babbled to Sophie throughout the entire weekend. (We buy the weekend long passes and go back a p couple of times, limiting visits to a couple of hours.)

My mom accompanied us the first scorching day, and Jasper loved every minute.

The following day, he and I braved the monster truck ride while Patrick and Sawyer sat on the sidelines. This thing was scary- I had to hold tightly to Jasper to prevent him from slipping out of the window- but he loved every minute.

Our self-appreciating toddler loves watching himslef in the video that Patrick filmed. I’d say it was $20 well spent.


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