Sawyer had trouble sleeping from day one. His lip & tongue tie plagued him with painful gas, and he couldn’t sleep without pats on the back all night long. At 3 months old, he gifted us with a couple of nights of real sleep, but when he got sick last month he reverted to needing to be fed every couple of hours.

That meant that I was up feeding and cuddling our infant.




After another few weeks of not sleeping and the end of summer closing in, we realized that it was time.Sleeping children is one of those parenting things that is highly controversial. Cover artWhen we decided to have children, Patrick and I were 100% aware that we were committing to surrenduring a fair amount of sleep. But if there is a solution out there, we believe in using it.

Patrick and I re-read the Teach Your Child to Sleep book, and geared up for a few rough nights. It took Jasper 3 nights to learn to sleep alone, and we figured that it would take our little Buddah at least that long.


It took a couple of tries that first night, Sawyer seems to be adjusting to sleeping on his own.

We put him to bed awake at about 7:30 and I feed him once around 5am. (That’s the longest our pediatritian recommended letting him go until he is on solid foods.) Then we both go back to bed for another hour or two.

In the last week, Patrick has had to get up and use the progressive wait approach once during the middle of the night, but Sawyer is doing great! For the first time in about a year,  I get to sleep 7-8 hours at a time.

Patrick loves the independence that Sawyer is gaining each day. He remains our happy little guy, and honestly, I’m doing loads better now that I’m sleeping a bit more.




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