English Teacher’s Curse

Tragically, we lost our babysitter last month when she moved to Texas. (I know, I couldn’t believe it either.)

I begrudgingly began the search for a new sitter, and ponied up the $30 to post an ad on sittercity, which is where we had found our beloved Texas-bound sitter years ago.

Reading the applications was like reading a horror novel.

“I currently nannying for eight year old twins and there two year brother”

“Ive worked for a program with espcial needs kids caled…”

Then there were the applications that had every sentence (all 10 of them!) begin with “I.”

Slasher music began to play in my head every time that I opened up my email.

This search is getting tougher by the day. We interviewed someone over the weekend (the other girl was a no-show) but she just didn’t seem like the right fit. She cooed over Sawyer, but barely acknowledged our chatty, gregarious toddler.

Cross your fingers for us. I’m considering paying for a flight up from Texas- that’s about the going rate for date night sitters, anyways, right?



2 thoughts on “English Teacher’s Curse

  1. I know it’s not a funny situation for you – but the grammar and spelling errors made me chuckle. Oh my.

    Love your discerning eye and how you noticed the sitter didn’t coo over your toddler as much. Wishing you luck on your search. I have faith you’ll find the right person.


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