Why I Didn’t Bathe My Baby for 5 Months

When Jasper was about 6 months old, our pediatritian reprimanded me for giving him too many baths. His soft baby skin was riddled with eczema spots, and part of the reason was that I was washing him almost every day with soap.

“Babies are clean!” she patiently explained. “Water will take off most of the stuff that they encounter. A wash cloth and some water should usually do the job.”

At first, I resisted. But then Jasper’s spots faded, and I saw that she was right. (Imagine that!)

Tiny Sawyer wasn’t “dirty.”

Before Sawyer was born, I read a compelling article about the imp
ortance of letting “good bacteria” hang around, and noting that “babies aren’t born dirty” (unless there are complications). So, when Sawyer was born, I asked them just to towel him off before giving him back to us.

In the last five months, I have washed him regularly with water. He had loads of sponge baths- but I never put any soap on my tiny baby’s skin. If he was covered in poo (that happens with babies) I would add some coconut oil to the tub, and coat him in the stuff afterwards. (Coconut oil is antifungal and antibacterial.)

At his last appointment, I asked our pediatritian when I should use soap on my kid.

“Well, when he has a poop that is sticky, or if he is covered in realy yucky food. You’ll know!” she promised.

I did.

Last week, when we were walking through the woods, Jasper stepped through some poison ivy. (I’m HIGHLY allergic.) Paniked, I stripped all of our clothes and tossed them in the washer before we came in the house.

I tossed the boys in the tub and got out Dawn Dish Soap, a soap that is strong enough to break down the oils of the plant. I washed all three of us down, and proceeded to scrub the car and our shoes, just for good measure.

When Sawyer’s a teenager, you can let him know that the first time his mom gave him a full bath was when he was just shy of five months old. He’ll either be proud of me or totally disgusted.


One thought on “Why I Didn’t Bathe My Baby for 5 Months

  1. Yup, that’s a good reason to bathe! I hope you have avoided the poison ivy rash with all your work. I never knew that about bathing a baby. I always used the baby soap, but didn’t seem to have any problems with that.

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