Walking Through Westborough’s Damage

The bumpy gravel drive tousled the boys in their car seats, and Jasper perked up expectantly.

“Is THIS where we are walking?” he asked excitedly.

“Yup. This is ‘Walk-Up Park.’ Mommy used to walk in these woods when she was a girl,” I smiled to the toddler in my rearview mirror.

Determined to shake up our routine and get out of the house, I convinced Jasper to take a walk in the woods with me. About 5 minutes from our house, beside the Flanders Road Office Park is a park that is maintained by the Sudbury Valley Land Trust. “Walk Up” was one of my own mother’s favorite places to walk with toddlers. I remember looking for tadpoles in the pond and pointing out Lady Slippers to my little brother on some of our many walks.

We unloaded from the car, and Sawyer happily loaded into the sling while Jasper looked aprehensively around. (He has been going through a “no” phase and is ready to tell me it’s time to quit even the most engaging activity.)

Happy Sawyer. 

I pointed out the path, once again determined to have fun and to maintain a perky attitude. Shortly after our walk started, I realized my mistake.

Westborough, and Flanders Road especially, suffered from a microburst a couple of weeks ago.  After a couple of turns in the trail, Jasper and I began encountering fallen limbs and trees.

I played it off like it was adding to the fun, but Jasper wasn’t entirely convinced. Plus, it is really hard to duck, leap and climb with a 16 pound baby on your hip.

As the walk progressed, we saw more trees blocking the path- we had to walk through the woods for a bit. Jasper was convinced we were lost, and if I hadn’t logged hundreds of hours in those woods as a kid, we probably would have been!

In the end, Jasper agreed that it was a fun adventure, and Sawyer definately enjoyed the change of scenery.  Next time, I might give the arborists some more time to clean up the trails before I try to take my boys out for an adventure…



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