I Loved Every Minute With This A$$hole…

“Mommy, that wasn’t fun at all I want to GO HOME!!!” Jasper shouted from the back seat as we pulled down the driveway, away from the beautiful gardens.

“Yup, I heard you. I had fun with you, though!” I smiled through my teeth.

We had walked countless laps around beautiful gardens, gawked at turtles, frogs and fish, done two arts and crafts projects, sung at the tops of our lungs and had a snack surrounded by flowers and butterflies.


But according to my partner in crime, none of this was fun.

There was no pleasing him.

Last Friday was “Free Fun Friday” at Tower Hill, allowing anyone to come and tour the pristine property for free. I read that there would be huge crowds, but loads of toddler friendly activities. I woke up ready for fun.

Jasper woke up saying “no.”

“Do you want oatmeal or peanut butter and jelly for breakfast?” (His two favorites.)


“Do you want to wear this blue shirt or the gray one?”


This pattern continued through the two hours that it takes to get an infant and a toddler out of the house for a short visit to a local museum. But I wasn’t going to let a toddler tantrum, or a little rain, stop my fun.

“I’m surprised you’re here!” smiled an elderly volunteer at the gate, noting my chubby baby and pouting toddler. “I thought the rain would scare you off!”

“Nope! We’re here to splash in puddles and laugh as much as possible,” I smiled determinedly, thinking back t7on the two hours that I spent fighting to get out of the house.


Sawyer remained patient and happy throughout our whole adventure. He gurgled happily in the stroller, and rode in the sling after snack time. He took in his brother’s shouts (and laughter) with a smile, and continued to model peaceful zen behavior throughout the whole adventure.

I love my toddler. He is independent, determined and smart. He wasn’t the fun-loving guy that I usually get to enjoy, but… I still had fun.



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