The Day My Hallucinations Stopped & What I Discovered Was Happening

Last night, a kind of amazing thing happened in our house. Both my three-year-old and my 3 month-old were asleep, in their own rooms at 8:15.

Patrick and I looked at each other from across the living room, the same longing look in both of our eyes.

We were in bed, teeth brushed, vitamins taken and pajamas on 7 minutes later. It was everything a mom could dream of.

Then, Sawyer slept through the night, waking at 5:15 for some breakfast… but then he feel back asleep. And Jasper didn’t get up until 7.

That means that I got 9 hours of sleep and a shower on my own, without toddler or infant interruption. I was ready to face the day.

While it wasn’t without its bumps in the road, I realized how healing and magical sleep is. I calmly handled toddler meltdowns and poopsplosions. I had a genuine smile for my husband when he came through the door.

It was as if the fog was lifted.

Cross your fingers for tonight…  A girl can get lucky, again, right?

Yup, two monitors of sleeping boys on the bathroom counter at 7am. VICTORY IS MINE!!

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