Always Be Batman.

I was open and honest about my fear of buying a minivan. In an effort to “pimp my ride” I asked Patrick if we could turn it into the Batmobile.

He consented, and we bought a giant Batman logo for the hood of the car, as well as Batman seat covers. (Yes, it is permanent. No, it doesn’t come off. When WOULDN’T you want to be Batman?!)

When I drive around, people know who I am and wave; all of the middle
know which car is mine. People will comment on its uniqueness when I’m pumping gas, and it makes driving a minivan a lot less painful.

But I didn’t really think I was cool, until yesterday.

I was stopped at a light, and a tough guy on a Harley pulled up beside me. He had on one of those “shorty” helmets and a Grateful Dead t-shirt.

“Wow… That’s really cool,” he smiled at the Batmobile.

Yup. I’m one cool suburban mom.



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